Amanda Albretsen

Amanda Albretsen

Hello! My name is Amanda Albretsen.  Growing up I owned several dogs, including a giant Basset Hound named Wilma and a Miniature Pinscher named Lavender.  I had severe allergies and asthma so being around animals was always difficult for me.  Back in 2001, my husband Mick’l Scadden convinced me that he should get a Miniature Pinscher.  We found a cute little Min Pin puppy and named him Indigo.  While I loved Indigo very much and he was a great little dog, I told my husband I never wanted another dog.  It was too difficult because of my asthma and allergies.  Several years passed and Mick’l convinced me that Indigo needed a friend.  Mick’l had always wanted a Doberman so again he convinced me into letting him to get another dog.  What was I thinking… So we took the step and got my sweet Ellie, a Doberman.

When Ellie was 1 and a half, I saw a sign on the road that said “Dog Agility Trial” and it spiked my curiosity.  We drove into a beautiful field with lots of dogs and people competing at a Wasatch Agility USDAA trial.  We stayed and watched for a several hours and from that point on, I was convinced I needed to do agility with Ellie.  I signed up for lessons the next week and have been hooked on agility ever since!  Needless to say, I have since gotten my asthma and allergies well under control (thank goodness!) so I can continue to do the dog sports I enjoy with my dogs  I love so dearly.

Although I told Mick’l I never wanted another dog, now I can’t imagine my life without my dogs.  My dogs, Ellie and Mya are a huge part of my life, a life that I have grown to love very much 🙂

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Mya and Ellie on our hike to Box Elder Peak - May 2012

Mya and Ellie at 9000 feet on our hike to Box Elder Peak – May 2012