Indigo was my grumpy little Miniature Pinscher. He was very well trained and many people would always comment that they had never seen such a well behaved Min Pin before. I could put a piece of steak 3 inches from his nose, tell him to stay, leave the room and come back hours later to the steak still there. He was the ruler of the house despite his small size. He was very good with children and would let them carry him around like a baby where ever they wished.

Unfortunately Indigo injured his back when he was 8 years old.  He became completely paralyzed from the mid back down.  We spent over a year doing rehab and physical therapy.  He had a wheelchair which  helped him get around.  He did show some improvement during rehab but in the end he sadly gave up on life and was put down at just over 9 years old.  We miss you little guy!

Min Pin Indy

Min Pin Indigo

Here is a video of my grumpy old man Indigo and Ellie as a puppy. This video makes me laugh every time I watch it.