Incredible Fallon – “Mya”

Mya Stacked

Titles and Accomplishments

USDAA: 2013 USDAA National Qualifier, Advanced Agility Dog, Advanced Jumpers, Advanced Snooker Advanced Standard Agility, Starters Gamblers, Starters Relay

AKC: Excellent JWW, Excellent Agility, CGC

Doberman Pinscher Club of America Nationals/Regionals: 1st place JWW (10/12/13), 1st place T2B (10/12/13), 1st place JWW (10/13/13), 2nd place T2B (10/14/13).

UKI: 2013 UKI Master Series Qualifier

French Ring: CSAU

American Temperament Test

Video from some of our recent trials:

Health Results:


Echocardiogram: Normal 10/2013         Holter: Normal 11/2013
Hips: OFA Good 11/2013                         Elbows: OFA Normal 11/2013
CERF: OFA Normal 11/2013                    Thyroid: OFA MSU Normal 11/2013
DCM Gene: Negative                               VwD: Negative

We will be breeding Mya to Mezzrow’s Pushkin in February 2014. Learn more about Mya’s litter planned for 2014!

Mya’s Pedigree:

Born March 17, 2010



Merlin of Blackmagic Land

Croatian Champion, IPO 1, WAC, ATT, Echo normal, Holter normal, VwD Clear, HD-B, DCM Neg

Grant di Villa Conte

International Champion, Italian Champion, AIAD Champion, AIAD Jugendsieger, Reproduction Champion, SchH 3, ZTP V1A, HD-A

Nitro del Rio Bianco
DV/IDC/Bundes/AIAD, Jugend Sieger, Sieger AIAD 2001, Italian Champion, ZTP-V 1A , HD-2
Petra di Villa Conte

Gipsy of Blackmagic Land

Croatian Beauty Champion, International Beauty Champion, Multi CAC Titled, IPO1, HD-A

Eko Royal Bell
IDC, EUROPA, & AIAD Jugendsieger 2002, Croatian Jugend Champion, Croatian KLUB Champion 2004, Croatian Champion, International Champion, Mehrfach JB, CAC, CACIB, BOB, ZTP-V1A, VPG 1, HD-A
Astrid van het Blauwhof
Hungarian Champion, IPO1



Incredible A’Diva

BH, WAC, ATT, CGC, Certified in Patrol and Narcotics work


Kansa’s Primus Inter Pares

American Champion, BH, WAC, ATT

Gino Gomez del Citone
World, DV & IDC Sieger, SchH3, FH-ZTP 1A, Angekort 1A
Kansa’s Girls Juswana Havfun
American Champion

Tahi Reme X-Treme

ZTP-SG1B, V Rated, BH, STT, CGC, OFA Good

Gemini Ginga House
Euro Champion, EDTWS Sieger, ODK Club Sieger, Vice AIAD Sieger, AIAD, DV and IDC Jugendsieger, HDK Club Jugend Champion, Austrian Jugend Champion, ZTP V1B
Tahi-Reme Kamilla

Photo Gallery

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